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Dr. Angelise M. Rouse

Dr. Angelise M. Rouse

Dr. Angelise Rouse

Especially 4 Me Publishing, LLC was founded in 2015 by Dr. Angelise M. Rouse. Inspired by her desire to provide educational and motivating projects that empower underrepresented youth, she has created impactful messages that portray positive images and responsibility. We aim to be the bridge towards achieving dreams and goals for youth by promoting self-advocacy and self-awareness.

The Mission

To empower youth through the creation of easy to understand motivational tools for success in academic and adult-transition. 

The Vision

To promote long-term life skills for minority youth that instills values and excellence which expose positive choices and paths in life.


Dr. Angelise M. Rouse is an education writer and staunch special education advocate. Her interest focus is on creating a meaningful, lasting and empowering educational experience for students with disabilities. Her research examines the development of opportunities to learn in special education classrooms, and how these opportunities are negotiated differently by various groups of students.  

Inspired by her doctoral dissertation topic, Dr. Rouse future research interests are in the overrepresentation of minorities in special education and the emotional development of African-American young males. Dr. Rouse holds several educational certifications and has been thoroughly published on critical educational issues. She has worked in several educational arenas serving as a charter and public school teacher, school administrator and college faculty member. Her work ranges from all levels of education from middle school through college.  

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