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Kiwoba Allaire – Girl Stem Stars

Promotion & Exposure.

Online marketing and promotion are crucial for the success of any business.

BlackWomenEntrepreneursOnline.com is specifically geared towards Positive Black Sisters Online gain the exposure they desire. In the words of this new platform’s Marketing Director, “We have many black women entrepreneurs who continue to realize the importance of having a website.

While many of them have set-up their websites, they haven’t been able to get the desired traction due to lack of exposure. Our new website is an effort to help address this important aspect.”

Lorisa Bates – Author

Most of these entrepreneurs are women of skills.

At this age, it is important to get the right exposure and highlight skills to succeed. The newly launched platform combines a series of digital marketing and offline marketing efforts. The spokesperson explained the strategies the company uses, “We follow the proven digital path to help Black Women Online to succeed.

This is our new website, but it is only an extension of our existing business that has been in the web design and online marketing domain for over 25 years. We assist all our sister entrepreneurs through services such as SEO, press release, social media management, flyers, and more to gain far-reaching exposure.”

We Are Driven

“We are driven by the goal to make it easier and more affordable for our sisters to promote their work and skills.

We have hundreds of black women authors who have become an integral part of our extended network. Our experienced digital marketing experts are always running campaigns to help Black Women Entrepreneurs Online get the desired visibility and success,” the Director claimed.

Making Online Promotion Affordable.

Promoting a website or any service online is an investment. The targeted market and keywords affect the digital marketing budget. Integrating SEO and social media campaigns requires specialized skills and years of experience. The cost of hiring such dedicated services and the complexities of managing such service providers have kept many entrepreneurs from embracing these strategies. With BlackWomenEntrepreneursOnline.com, it is a one-stop destination for a comprehensive digital push.

The team behind this platform is led by George Donathan, an entrepreneur who himself learned from his experiences before building a vast network of websites. With over 25 years of industry experience, this new website is just another benchmark in his mission’s success story to help the black community get access to affordable and competitive online marketing and promotion services.

This new website, besides developing and running other digital marketing campaigns, will also provide space for Black Business Women Online to get featured. Entrepreneurs can get their website and portfolio featured on the new platform, thus getting exposure to tens of thousands of visitors. Authors can feature their books. Besides custom, entrepreneur videos can be shared on the platform.

If you need more information about the new platform for entrepreneurs of color, it is recommended to contact the company’s representative.

George A. Donathan Jr.


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Girl Stem Stars

Tech enthusiasts can come to learn, dabble and deep-dive into content related to STEM skill sets, including computer programming, engineering, robotics, electronics and more. It’s a camp where ideas can take shape, critical thinking skills can be honed, and dreams can be realized.

This is a place where all ages and abilities can get their hands and minds on the tools needed to invent and innovate. From demonstrations to tinkering, and inspirational leadership keynote speakers. This experience will open your child’s mind to new possibilities!


Lynn Hall – Fluidity

Writing became a passion of Lynn’s at a very young age. She began writing and keeping journals when she was just eight years old. Little did she know, those journals would mark much of her history, her life story. The yellowed writing on the crinkled pages of those earlier journals would become the catalyst for which Guilty Stains would be birthed.

Lynn’s journey from there to here is marked with tragedy and triumph, from molestation by her stepfather to divorce, betrayal by a family member in the worst way, broken relationships of every kind because of the betrayal and becoming a single parent. These all bore the traits of a scarlet letter, guilty stains, that would cause Lynn to feel as though she were damaged goods, ripe for the picking. She became a magnet for deceit disguised as love. In 2002, God intervened and instructed Lynn to begin writing her story.



Common Scents Oils

A Specialist in Body Oils and Scents – An increasing number of people now prefer body oils for their alcohol-free content. Common Scents Oils specializes in offering fragrance oils for men and women.

The company produces only oil based scents that not only last longer, but don’t carry any of the negative effects of alcohol.


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